All of our clients are unique as are their requirements. Mudretz takes this into consideration by applying generous discounts, and special attention. Please feel comfortable inquiring about how we can assist you with any of your special needs that go beyond this brief description of our published fees.

Mudretz Pricing Sheet - Fees & Packages

The Mudretz team is very sensitive to its Clients' budgetary concerns and are committed to protecting the client's investment by offering very attractive DISCOUNTS and Payment Arrangements.

To make it simple, we offer a popular set of predefined services we call the Mudretz Packaged Service Offerings©.

Our packaged offerings are designed to take the guess-work out of your budget by giving you choices that fit your product requirements. We have packages for individuals and packages for large-scale projects. For custom projects, we have low hourly rates and 'not-to-exceed' estimates.

Our engineers use the Mudretz Software Development Methodology© that guides the way through formal Analysis, Customer Requirements, Design, and into Development Frameworks, and our technical staff is augmented by a team of executive-level analysts and business advisors.

All of our business consultants are senior executives, former vice presidents, CEOs, and industry pioneers that have made their careers building software startup companies and consulting firms.

We take pride in the Mudretz team knowing they are competent in all of their endeavors. Their experience and confidence takes the client effortlessly through the most challenging initiatives that result in successful product deliveries..


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Package

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Package is our most requested service. A Mudretz SEO Services Package© makes dramatic improvements to existing websites having difficulty getting recognition from search engine companies like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Our SEO Services Package will improve your ratings, and includes the installation of associated tools for accurately measuring your website's perfomance on the internet.

  • SEO for Existing Sites performed at an hourly rate: $180/hr. $1500 minimum.

Mudretz Website Revitalization and Health Maintenance Plan

Included in our suite of packaged offerings is the Mudretz Website Revitalization and Health Maintenance Plan. Many of our clients need someone to upgrade an existing site or be available for regular maintenance. The Mudretz website Revitalization and Health Maintenance Plan is a part of every relationship, whether it is a new or existing client.

  • Standard Website upgrades, maintenance and small additions to functionality (less than 10 hours/week): $140/hr. / $600 minimum.
  • Standard Website upgrades, maintenance and small additions to functionality (more than 10 hours/week): $120/hr.
  • Complex new functionality/Maintenance eCommerce, use of PHP/MySQl/JavaScript, etc : $120/hr / $1200 minimum.


  • Website Design and Development for New Websites: $140/hr. / $1,800 minimum.
  • New Blog websites, Design and Development (WordPress,Drupal, etc.): $120/hr. / $1,200 minimum.
  • Mobile Application Design and Development: $160/hr. / $9,000 minimum.
  • Digital Art and Graphic Design Development: $140/hr. / $900 minimum.
  • Business planning, PR/Marketing, Mobile Distribution and Monetization, and eBusiness consulting and assistance are priced on a case-by-case basis.
  • Internet Software Design and Development and Implementation, Deployment, and Training are on a case-by-case basis.

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» All of our clients are required to sign a simple Mudretz Professional Services Agreement (PSA), and all work efforts will follow the Mudretz Best Practices by using Statements of Work (SOW) and Change Work Orders (CWO). Invariably, our Clients always feel comfortable with this approach knowing what to expect and how to work safely and securely with Mudretz as a partner.

» All projects that have been estimated to be greater then $1000 require a 30% deposit.