News and Announcements

Mudretz Partners with EntireCloud and CompuStaff

Mudretz has partnered with a long-time friend and business affiliate,  EntireCloud and their parent company, Compustaff. EntireCloud and Compustaff were created to enable companies both big and small a more cost effective way to access expensive Software Product Licensing within a Cloud Environment, and provide talented resources for their clients. The team at Mudretz is thrilled about the partnership, and look forward to the benefits that it provides for all of our customers our customers and clients.

Mudretz Partners with APEX Enterprise Solutions, Inc.

APEX Enterprise Solutions, Inc. and Mudretz Software Design and Development are announcing their working relationship directed towards the formation of APEX Enterprise Solutions' new U.S. operations. Mudretz has provided business introductions and operational assistance that contribute towards the launching of U.S. Operations, and the two companies will jointly engage in APEX Enterprise Solutions ERP implementations. APEX and the entire Mudretz team look forward to a very healthy and productive relationship for years to come.