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Some of our same tasks are performed repeatedly, and we get better and faster at doing them. Over time these tasks have become cost effective for us and our clients, so it makes sense to share the savings with both our new and existing clients. We do this by providing a repertoire of special services. So save yourself time and money by learning more about our specials and most popular Services!

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Time and Materials

Getting a website or building a Mobile application shouldn't be like trying to negotiate a deal for a used car. Wouldn't it be great if you new what to expect to pay for these services? Mudretz wants to make it simple, so we publish our hourly rates, and our packaged service offerings and take the guesswork out of the picture and the surprizes out of your budget. Take a look at our hourly rates and packaged service offerings.

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top products

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Package is our most requested service. A Mudretz SEO Services Package© makes dramatic improvements to existing websites having difficulty getting recognition from search engine companies like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Our SEO Services Package will improve your ratings, and includes the installation of associated tools for accurately measuring your website's perfomance on the internet. Take a look at our full description and pricing of the Mudretz SEO Services Package©.

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Included in our suite of packaged offerings is the Mudretz Website Revitalization and Health Maintenance Plan©. Many of our clients come from former website development companies that did not prove to be the best of developers or avoided continued maintenance. Mudretz maintains an unwavering mission to convert all of its clients into partners. Our most valuable asset is our Client, and the Mudretz website Revitalization and Health Maintenance Plan© is a part of every relationship, whether it is a new or existing client. Take a closer look at the Mudretz Revitalization and Health Maintenance Plan©.

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Fees and Packages overview

Mudretz has very competitive design and development fees, and a popular set of predefined services we call the Mudretz Packaged Service Offerings© .

Our packaged offerings are designed to take the guess-work out of your budget by giving you choices that fit your product requirements. We have packages for individuals and packages for large-scale projects. For custom projects, we have low hourly rates and 'not-to-exceed' estimates.

Our engineers use the Mudretz Software Development Methodology© that guides the way through formal Analysis, Customer Requirements, Design, and into Development Frameworks, and our technical staff is augmented by a team of executive-level analysts and business advisors.

All of our business consultants are senior executives, former vice presidents, CEOs, and industry pioneers that have made their careers building software startup companies and consulting firms.

We take pride in the Mudretz team knowing they are competent in all of their endeavors. Their experience and confidence takes our clients effortlessly through the most challenging initiatives and always result in successful deliveries to our clients and business partners.

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